What is the medical term for a stroke?

Answer A stroke is often referred to as a cerebrovascular accident, or CVA for short. Strokes are caused by the sudden death of brain cells, typically caused by a lack of oxygen due to a blockage or the r... Read More »

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The Medical Definition of a Stroke?

It is scary when a doctor says to a patient that he suffered a stroke or heart attack. The word "stroke" creates an uneasiness in the stomachs of patients and patients' families. A stroke is a bad ... Read More »

The three-year-old child of one of your medical transport drivers has had a Viral Stroke-what is it?

It is quite common for young children to complain of pain in legs especially after vigorous activity. Just some massage may solve the problem. Get the child examined once to make sure there is no p... Read More »

What is BID in medical term?

What does the medical term iv mean?

In medical terminology, IV means intravenous. This can refer to the general process of intravenously feeding a liquid into the body, as in "IV antibiotics." It can also refer to the actual substanc... Read More »