What is the means of transmission for a tapeworm?

Answer Tapeworms can be transmitted to people and animals. Most tapeworms transmissions occur in people who have poor personal hygiene, live in areas with inadequate sanitation or live in institutional lo... Read More »

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Tapeworm Transmission in Cats?

Gastrointestinal parasites affect 45 percent of cats, according to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Tapeworms are one of the most common feline parasites. Tapeworms are transm... Read More »

Most STI's and HIV viruses are spread through what means of transmission?

Sex (be it oral, anal, or actual sex) and sharing used needles.

My tapeworm has a first name, it's O.S.C.A.R...?

Really, then you have this to look forward to.…

Have I Got A Tapeworm?