What is the meaning when someone 'pokes' you in Facebook?

Answer This means that they are doing Acupressure on you (see source).

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What happens when you report someone on facebook?

All abuse reports on Facebook are confidential. The user that you are reporting will not know that you have reported them. After the report is submitted, Facebook investigates the issue and makes a... Read More »

What do you do when someone who you don't know adds you on facebook?

If we don't have any friends in common then I usually send them a message asking why they chose to add me. If they don't send a response then I don't accept and if they do send a response it depen... Read More »

What to do when you on facebook and don't want to talk to someone?

Turn off your chat, or go offline on your chat. Click the little "options" button thingy & just put "go offline chat" or something like that

What does it mean when someone is "idle" on facebook chat?

It means they are connected, and they have not set their status to something else (such as "away," "sleeping," etc.), but they have not touched their keyboard or mouse in a while, like 10 minutes. ... Read More »