What is the meaning of'criminal case'?

Answer A case brought before the government against a person who is accused of committing a crime is the definition of a criminal case. Criminal cases involve prosecutors who use evidence in order to brin... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the boy's name case?

The boy's name "Case" originally comes from the English surname "Case," which means "casemaker," explains Developed during the 14th century, the word "casemaker" describes a person w... Read More »

How i connect my case to phone line, my case dosen't have RJ11 socket?

you need a dial-up modem…

Is a hard case better then a silicon or gel case for protecting a phone when it falls?

no. it is just for looks. silicone bounces if you drop it. my dog got my phone and put holes in the case, but didn't damage the phone. i dropped my ipod with a hard case and it cracked the screen. ... Read More »

Should the side fan on my case be blowing air into or sucking air out of the case?

>Hi Dr. House.My answer is it should be sucking air out. The reason why is because air that gets sucked in, gets warmed up. So sucking the air acrossed a hot video card will only warm the other c... Read More »