What is the meaning of writ petition?

Answer A writ petition is a request to an appellate court to grant immediate relief from a trial court order. Writ petitions have very high hurdles to clear in any court, and are rarely granted.Extraordin... Read More »

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What if the courts petition to take away your parental rights can your spouse file a petition to adopt that child?

No. Anyone adopted over the age of 16 does not automatically get US citizenship. Sorry.

What is a writ of seizure?

A writ of seizure is an order by the court that allows law enforcement officials to seize your property to pay off a debt, according to Investopedia. This is usually done as a last resort when a cr... Read More »

What Is a Writ of Garnishment?

When an individual takes on a new debt, his creditor expects him to make each of his payments on time. Should the debtor stop paying his creditor, the creditor has the option to obtain a writ of ga... Read More »

What is a Writ Warrant?

A writ is an authoritative written document from a judge or an official. In the case of a warrant, the document empowers the police, sheriff or other law enforcement to perform a certain action. It... Read More »