What is the meaning of wine in debut?

Answer It means the first appearance (debut) of a new wine. Wine connoisseurs from all parts of the world may come to certain wine debuts and they can make or break the popularity and grade of the wine.

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Is pink moscato considered a white wine Also, what are the ingredients of this wine?

Technically it's a rose although as far as I'm concerned if it's not a red wine that automatically makes it a white wine.So in other words, you're allowed to drink wine regardless of it's colour wh... Read More »

What gives you a worse hangover: White wine or red wine?

Red does. Some people think it's a myth but it is technically true. red wine has something called tanin's in it. These are usually in darker alcoholic drinks. Basically more tanin's = worse hangover!

What is the difference between Red cooking wine and dry red wine?

IF you couldn't find dry red wine, you weren't in a liquor store worth shopping at. Cabernet works. Cooking wine has a load of salt in it, so cut whatever salt the recipe calls for.

Wine Drinkers-What is your favorite wine?

I love sweet wine! My favorite is Lambrusco!!! mmmm!