What is the meaning of whistle britches?

Answer The term "whistle britches," while not widely used in modern society, has had many meanings since its creation. From a description of a foul body function to a teasing nickname, whistle britches ha... Read More »

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How many petals does a Dutchman's britches have?

Dutchman's britches (Dicentra cucullaria) is a perennial flower in the Fumariaceae family. Each flower consists of two white outer petals and two inner yellow petals. Other common names include Du... Read More »

What is a dog whistle?

A dog whistle is a small tube typically 1 inch in length or less, reports the United Department of Energy Ask a Scientist. When a person blows into the dog whistle, it emits a sound with a very hig... Read More »

Why does my tv whistle?

Could be a coil in the line / eht cct. sometimes can be fixed with a blob of hot melt glue but first identify which one is vibrating. On the other hand older people can not hear the whistle so if ... Read More »

How to Whistle?

There are many types of whistles, those you can make with your fingers, with your hands, wolf whistles and even whistles using a blade of grass. You can even sing and whistle or hum and whistle at ... Read More »