What is the meaning of whistle britches?

Answer The term "whistle britches," while not widely used in modern society, has had many meanings since its creation. From a description of a foul body function to a teasing nickname, whistle britches ha... Read More »

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How many petals does a Dutchman's britches have?

Dutchman's britches (Dicentra cucullaria) is a perennial flower in the Fumariaceae family. Each flower consists of two white outer petals and two inner yellow petals. Other common names include Du... Read More »

What is a dog whistle?

A dog whistle is a small tube typically 1 inch in length or less, reports the United Department of Energy Ask a Scientist. When a person blows into the dog whistle, it emits a sound with a very hig... Read More »

What is the federal whistle blower act?

The federal Whistleblower Protection Act protects employees from losing their jobs if they happen to report illegal activities committed by their employers. The term "whistleblower" is derived from... Read More »

What is the definition of whistle-blowing?

Corporate and government whistle-blowers are sometimes driven by guilt, or sometimes they are motivated to do what they feel is right in exposing wrongdoing by their organizarion. Whistle-blowing c... Read More »