What is the meaning of variable?

Answer In computer programming, you often hear or read references to values being assigned to variables, or declaring variables, or initializing variables. What are variables?What is a Variable?The word v... Read More »

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How to Solve for One Variable in Terms of Another Variable?

An equation with multiple variables, or a multivariate equation, is as dependent on those variables as the variables are on each other. Often, as with a system of linear equations or solution of a ... Read More »

Variable not returning?

Because some your multipliers are performing an INTEGER divide which results in zero.(degree ± something) * (ZERO); is going to be zero.But this one is okay: ((degree - 32) / 1.8); break; // Ce... Read More »

What is a proxy variable?

Proxy variables, a component of statistics, come into use when a quantitative, or measurable, variable replaces a variable that is unmeasurable. An example would be using a wife's opinion to repres... Read More »

What is a variable copay?

According to one insurance company, the term "variable copay" has to do more with where services are rendered rather than by whom. Many doctors are able to practice at more than one hospital or mor... Read More »