What is the meaning of tribal sovereignty?

Answer Tribal sovereignty refers to the rights of Native American tribes to govern themselves, rather than submit to the authority of the state or federal governments. The precedents of tribal sovereignty... Read More »

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What States Are a Sovereignty?

Sovereignty is not easily defined, as there are varying degrees of statehood and autonomy. Buganda, for example, is a semi-autonomous state located in Uganda. Puerto Rico is considered a U.S. "poss... Read More »

What Is Consumer Sovereignty?

According to The Encyclopedia of the Earth website, the theory of consumer sovereignty refers to the idea that consumer desires rule the economy of a country. The consumer is the determining factor... Read More »

How to Reclaim Your Sovereignty?

Sovereignty takes many forms: economic, cultural and even spiritual. Spiritual sovereignty, according to Tools for Freedom and Energy Oneness, means disconnecting yourself from any ruling source th... Read More »

UK Sovereignty & Immigration Laws?

There is a huge debate about the free movement of people in Europe today; although we live in the era of globalization, states and countries try to take control over migration which has become a ba... Read More »