What country has the yin and yang symbol on their flag?

Answer The flag of South Korea, officially called Taegukki, has a red and blue yin and yang symbol in the center of a white background, flanked by four black symbols referred to as Kwae.Source:Flags of th... Read More »

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Is there a yin yang type symbol in Native American jewelry?

The yin and yang symbol does not present itself in Native American jewelry. However, the mandala is a cross-cultural circle symbol that appears in jewelry worn by Native Americans, Christians and T... Read More »

Does yang from--Ying Yang Yo--ever get hurt?

Yin yang yo- does lina have a crush on yang?

Yes she does, you can see she tries to say something but then Yin buts in. Lina does have a crush on Yang. And I know

What is the meaning of the ankh symbol?

The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol whose complex meaning is shrouded in speculation and mystery. It is a chronological predecessor to the cross in Christian art and theology. Mystics, occultist... Read More »