What is the meaning of the word love?

Answer The word "love" can function as a noun, as in "love is blind" and as a transitive verb, as in "I love you." Like "healthy" ("'healthy food" vs. "healthy person"), the word "love" has more than one... Read More »

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What is the symbolic meaning of a circle for love?

A circle symbolizes many things, from strength to the psyche. But what it means in the context of love is connectedness, wholeness, eternity and unity. It also stands for love under the banner of f... Read More »

What is the meaning of the word"mad"?

The word "mad" has been around since before the 12th century, and in that time has taken on quite a few meanings. While "mad" generally refers to an emotion of some sort, the feeling is not always ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the word earth?

"Earth" is defined as the third planet from the sun which has a diameter at the equator of 7,926 miles, is nearly 93 million miles from the sun, revolves around the sun every 365.26 days and has on... Read More »

What is the meaning of the word declasse?

Declasse, or déclassé, is a word of French origin. In English, it is used as an adjective that means someone (or something) is lowered in class, rank or social position, or is lacking high statio... Read More »