What is the meaning of the title of the book 12 angry men?

Answer The rest of the Jury were not at all pleased by Henry Fonda's insistence that they look again at the evidence.

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Did Oprah Winfrey write a book on Abusive relationships and if so title of Book and where can it be found?

Ellen is the coolest person alive. Don't you know that? I'm married to Ellen and she is awesoooommmeeee.....

How to Come up With a Good Book Title?

Do you want to write a book or poem? Do you want your work to be noticed? You may not have thought the title was much of a big deal, but it is. If an editor or publisher is uninterested with your t... Read More »

How to Choose a Book Title?

You made an interesting book, it was so interesting that you forgot to add a title. In this rare event here are some tips on how to choose one!

How to Write a Book Title?

A great book will only be enhanced by a great title. If one does not give their novel a good name, it might even be overlooked!