What is the meaning of the sun in the Aztec calendar?

Answer Tonatiuh, the Sun God, is the symbol of the fifth world. The four previous, also called suns, are earth, wind, fire and water. The present is the sun of movement. The symbol in the center of the Az... Read More »

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What is the Aztec calendar?

The Aztec culture had two calendars. One was a seasonal and ritualistic calendar that covered 365 days. The other was a sacred calendar used for keeping track of religious festivals and holidays. T... Read More »

What year was the Aztec calendar made?

The Aztecs used their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics to create a calendar, which they started in 1427 and completed in 1479. It is believed that it took then 52 years to complete party due ... Read More »

What year does the Aztec calendar end?

The Aztec calendar, historically referred to as the Cuauhxicalli Eagle Bowl, ends on December 24, 2011, with the predetermined end of human existence. This date is closely related to the end of tim... Read More »

What does the Aztec calendar mean?

In 1790, renovation workers discovered a massive stone disc composed on the central square of Mexico City. The artifact, which stood 12 feet in diameter, was filled with intricate hieroglyphs that ... Read More »