What is the meaning of the pre-existence of a disease for health insurance?

Answer According to, pre-existence of a disease means that a mental or physical medical condition existed and was known or treated prior to the completion of an application for heal... Read More »

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Heart disease depression of the what is it or the meaning of?

By the fed-it's a branch of the military, although sometimes we forget.

What is the meaning of deposit insurance?

A certain amount of your deposits at many banks are covered by deposit insurance. Deposit insurance is offered by the government agencies and guarantees your money won't be lost if the bank fails.F... Read More »

What is the meaning of insurance premium?

Insurance companies charge a premium for the coverage that they provide for underwriting your coverage. This premium goes toward the cost of any claims you might make.CostMany factors affect the co... Read More »

What is the meaning of health insurance?

Answer That you are covered by a health insurance policy, meaning that you have an insurance company that will pay certain amounts for certain physical problems, illnesses, accidents, operations, ... Read More »