What is the origin of the name Oliver?

Answer The origin of the name Oliver is believed from Germanic name Alifihar, according to the website Baby Names World. The French version of the name is Olivier, which eventually became the English name... Read More »

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What songs does Oliver sing in Oliver Twist?

Oliver sings Where is Love? He also has parts in Who Will Buy? Consider Yourself, and I'd Do Anything. As well as Be Back Soon.

What is Fagin's real name in Oliver Twist?

Fagin had no other name and it is not even clear if Fagin was his real name. Living among London's criminal element, he may have assumed that name at any point of his career.

What were the characters name from Oliver Twist called?

What is Oliver and lisa's last name from green acres?

Eddie Albert's character was named Oliver Wendell Douglas, perhaps a nod to the famous jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes.