Will beck aks tori out?

Answer Well no one knows for sure if beck will ask tori out, but most people are saying he is going to ask her out later on in the show. Like i said no one knows for sure but they kind of have a connectio... Read More »

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Does tori like beck?

Well, a little . . . but, she respects that Jade's his girlfriend

Are tori and beck ever going to be together on victorious?

Probably! They might start dating later in the season. But as that I know now they are crushes.

Are beck and tori going to end up together on victorious?

they probably are considering all the things that has happened between them.And considering Jade is a gank and any guy can get sick of her.

How to Get Tori Spelling's Hairstyle?

Tori Spelling is known for her long and flowing, blond locks. Tori's hairstyle works well for people who have thin, oval shaped faces. Styling hair like Tori's takes a bit of time because of the le... Read More »