What is the meaning of the name Melinda?

Answer Melinda originated in the 18th century, probably in the United States. It is a girl's name popular in the United States and Hungary. The name Melinda can be traced back to several languages includi... Read More »

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Did Melinda Doolittle win American Idol?

No, she finished in 3rd place in season 6. But she was favored by most people to win.

Who is Outraged that Melinda got VOTED OFF?

Melinda was cheated. I will not watch anymore for this season. I can not stand that beep-bopping, no talent, annoying, terrible dancer Blake who can't sing to save his life. I can not stomach... Read More »

How old is Melinda Doolittle from American idol?

Melinda Doolitle was born on October 6th 1977 making her 32 years old.

What is the meaning of the name Bob?

The name Bob means “bright fame” and is a shortened version of the first name Robert. It is of German and French origin. Famous people with the name Bob include comedian Bob Hope, singer Bob Dy... Read More »