Mark, age 3, is having his yearly health examination. His mom rather proudly, tells you that Mark eat's one?

Answer I would tell her "it's really good that he likes fresh apples and carrots. How about taking him to a greengrocers and letting him choose other fruits and vegetables to try? It's really nice that yo... Read More »

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Who won on Disney channel mark your mark?

AKsquared won make your mark and will guest star in a brand new episode of shake it up.

Canon 5D mark iii or 1D mark iv?

Ultra high-end? Look at it this way. Canon's naming scheme is pretty easy to understand. Consider the model designation of the camera. The lesser the digits, the higher-end it is. Both have only on... Read More »

Not sure what this mark is...?

I don't have much to add I agree with everyone who answered so far, it could be a bruise or a stretch mark. I say also, if it doesn't go away in a few days, consult a doctor.

What is a CE mark?

A CE mark on a product indicates that it has been certified as meeting all requirements of the European Union. Products cannot be sold throughout most of Europe without this certification.NameCE is... Read More »