What is the meaning of the name Jonas?

Answer Jonas is a variation of the Hebrew name Jonah.JonahThe name Jonah, according to Webster's New World College Dictionary, is a biblical name taken from the book of Jonah, one of the 12 prophets in th... Read More »

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What is the name of the 4th Jonas brother?

The name of the fourth Jonas brother is Frankie, and he is not currently a member of his three-brother band the Jonas Brothers, according to the website Jonas Brothers Fan. Frankie has his own ban... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Ian?

The boy’s name Ian is a Scottish variant of the Hebrew name John, which means “God is gracious.” The name can be pronounced either “EE-an” or “EYE-an.” The traditional Gaelic spelling... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Jay?

The boy’s name Jay comes from the Latin for the jay bird. Jay might also possibly derive from the Latin Gaius, meaning “happy.” Jay sometimes serves as a short form of names such as Jacob or ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Lev?

The name Lev is the Russian variation of Leo, which means "lion." Lev is a boy's name. It is not a very popular first name, but it is a somewhat common last name.References:Think Baby Names: LevThi... Read More »