What is the origin of the name Jacob?

Answer The name Jacob comes from Hebrew origin. It is also a Biblical name. It means "supplanter" or "held by the heel." It is a very commonly used name. It is from the Latin form Jacobus. The name Jacob ... Read More »

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Is Jacob Dustin a good first and middle name?

Maybe switch, I personally like Dustin Jacob and you can call him DJ. But I do like Jacob Dustin.

Why did Scrooge not remove Jacob Marley's name from the office sign?

Because scrooge wasn't bothered what the business was called, as long as he could still get business, this is because he is a man that is purely focused on getting money also, someone who when he g... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Ted?

The boy’s name Ted is commonly a short form of the name Theodore, from the Greek meaning “God’s gift.” It can also be a nickname for Edward, which comes from the Old English meaning “weal... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Iva?

Iva is a shortened form of the name Ivana. The website Think Baby Names says Iva means “God’s grace.” It is a female name with Slavic roots, specifically central and southern Slavic. It is re... Read More »