What is the meaning of the name Georgina?

Answer Georgina is a girl's name that means farmer or earth-worker. The name derives from the Old Greek word "Georgios". This name is used in English, Russian, Serbian, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. Geor... Read More »

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Why is there no record of Georgina Hale in BBC Wednesday plays?

You can watch the BBC News broadcasted online over the Internet.

What is the meaning of the name Dan?

The meaning of the boy’s name Dan is “Judge; God is my judge” and is of Hebrew origin. Dan can be a given name, though it is often a shorten version of the name Daniel.References:Think Baby N... Read More »

What is the meaning of MHz?

MHz is the abbreviation for "megahertz," a term used when measuring frequencies in electronics. It is used for measuring a variety of frequency types, from radio frequencies to computer central pro... Read More »

What is the meaning of esq. after a name?

Esq. is an abbreviation for "esquire" and denotes an attorney or court official. The origin of the word esquire dates back to the Middle Ages, meaning a knight's attendant or someone ranking below ... Read More »