What is the meaning of the name Allie?

Answer The name Allie has several meanings. As a boy's name, Allie means son of Alan, harmony, stone, noble, fair or handsome in Celtic. It also means son of Alistair in Scottish. As a girl's name, Allie ... Read More »

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What is the best golf course near Allie, Georgia?

Roosevelt Memorial Golf Course is the highest-rated golf course near Allie, Georgia, with a rating of 3.5 out of five stars from members. Located in Warm Springs, Georgia, the Roosevel... Read More »

Are they going to bring Allie Horton back on Days of our Lives?

Allie and Johnny will be spending More time onscreen now that this part is done. Will is also going to be brough to Front burner.

What is the meaning of wi-fi?

It is wireless internet connectionfor example some hotels have Wi-fi which means if you have a laptop that is wi fi enabled you can access the internet from the hotels internet =)

What is the meaning of the name Nya?

The female name Nya is from the Gaelic or Swahili meaning goal, purpose or lustrous. Similar baby names include Nyah, Nea, Noa, Mya, Nyad, Nyla and Nysa. The name represents logical thinking, plann... Read More »