What is the meaning of the last name lopez?

Answer Patronymic names such as Lopez have been used in Spain since the 9th Century, according to the Lopez Family History website. Such names are not truly hereditary, however, since they often change fr... Read More »

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What is Jason's last name on George Lopez?

hey its mackenmeer or however u spell it but i remember on george Lopez when they (Carmen and Jason) got taken to jail for throwing a crashed party, finding out that they got arrested for drugs. Ja... Read More »

What is a bandleader with the last name Lopez?

What does the last name Lopez come from?

It traces its roots to the word "Wolf". in Spanish wolf is lobo, in french it is loup.

What is the meaning of the last name Hoi?

Hoi, a Chinese name, has various meanings despite its simple three-letter construction as a surname. Not widespread in America, Hoi is a somewhat common name in China and is one of the 400 to 500... Read More »