What is the meaning of the journey necklace?

Answer A journey pendant is a popular design. The pendant stones form a straight line or "S" shape in which the stones are arranged from smallest to largest. The fashionable pendant is special because of... Read More »

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What does a journey necklace symbolize?

A journey necklace, with its curving line of diamonds, symbolizes life's journey. It is a popular romantic gift. The meaning may be subjective; at the beginning of a relationship, it could represen... Read More »

What is the meaning of the beads in a cross faith necklace?

Cross faith necklaces are multicolored-beaded necklaces with a wooden cross in the center. Each colored bead has a different meaning, and each is a representation of a Biblical scripture.BlackBlack... Read More »

Why do people prefer train journey the most than the bus journey?

Because railway journey is much comfortable and convenient than bus journey and much cheaper than air journey.

What story is of a boy who make a journey for a gift saying that the journey was part of the gift?