What is the meaning of the heartagram?

Answer The heartagram is the representative symbol of the rock group H.I.M. It was originally created by Ville Valo, the group's singer. Like many popular symbols, the heartagram has multiple meanings.His... Read More »

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What is the meaning of AID in the first aid?

aid means to help some one. first aid means you are the first on the seen to help someone to the best of your ability

What is the meaning of the name Nya?

The female name Nya is from the Gaelic or Swahili meaning goal, purpose or lustrous. Similar baby names include Nyah, Nea, Noa, Mya, Nyad, Nyla and Nysa. The name represents logical thinking, plann... Read More »

What is the meaning of wi-fi?

It is wireless internet connectionfor example some hotels have Wi-fi which means if you have a laptop that is wi fi enabled you can access the internet from the hotels internet =)

What is the meaning of the name Zoe?

Zoe is a girl's name used since the 19th century in English-speaking countries. It means "life" in Greek, and in Greece it was used as a transliteration of the biblical name "Eve."References:Behind... Read More »