What is the meaning of the descriptive method in research?

Answer The descriptive method of research, as opposed to an experimental or normative method, develops knowledge by describing observed situations, events and objects. The descriptive method is used in mo... Read More »

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What Is the Meaning of Descriptive Writing?

Anyone who has ever answered a classified ad for a "charming" apartment--only to schedule a tour and discover chartreuse shag carpets and leaky plumbing--knows why descriptive writing matters. Like... Read More »

Descriptive Research Techniques?

Descriptive research is a multifaceted research approach. It can include quantitative data such as the use of empirical information, or can depict qualitative sources such as patterns of disease. D... Read More »

Strengths & Weaknesses of Descriptive Research?

Descriptive research is an innovative tool for researchers. It presents an opportunity to fuse both quantitative and qualitative data as a means to reconstruct the "what is" of a topic. However, de... Read More »

Typical Methods of Descriptive Research?

Descriptive research utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies during a study. Descriptive research relies on instrumentation to measure and observe results. Descriptive res... Read More »