What is the meaning of the big chill?

Answer The big chill can mean several things, but in colloquial American English it often refers to a brush with mortality, as in the popular 1983 film with that title.Primary meaningThe authoritative Oxf... Read More »

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How to Be Chill?

Being 'Chill' is like being cool, but without some of the necessities of being 'cool.' Chill is much more relaxed.

How to Chill?

Stop Everything and ChillThere are many ways that we feel stress. Frustration at not being able to communicate to your parents can easily cause stress. Rushing to find the proper dress to wear to a... Read More »

How can I chill out?

Sit back and close your eyes and envision the face of someone you know well. Envision them in detail.Do this for about 6 different people and try to visualise the details of their faces.

How to Chill Fish?

Maintain the taste and texture of fish during short durations of storage by chilling it. The quality of fish begins to deteriorate as soon as it is pulled from the water. Chilling the fish as soon ... Read More »