What is the meaning of the big chill?

Answer The big chill can mean several things, but in colloquial American English it often refers to a brush with mortality, as in the popular 1983 film with that title.Primary meaningThe authoritative Oxf... Read More »

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What Is Wind Chill Factor?

The National Weather Service defines wind chill temperature as "how cold people and animals feel when outside." Wind chill temperature is always lower than the true temperature of the air and is ca... Read More »

Corpus Christi What ever happened to chill with Phil?

What is the chill factor if the temperature is 15 degrees&the wind speed is 30mph?

The wind chill factor if the temperature is 15 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind speed is 30 miles per hour is -5 degrees. At this chill, frostbite can occur in 30 minutes.References:Weatherimages.or... Read More »

How to Be Chill?

Being 'Chill' is like being cool, but without some of the necessities of being 'cool.' Chill is much more relaxed.