What is the meaning of the adage about barking dogs?

Answer The old adage, "My dogs are barking" is a complaint made by individuals whose feet are hurting after a long period of standing or walking. The history of the phrase is rooted in slang.HistoryAccord... Read More »

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How to Get Dogs to Stop Barking?

Are you sick and tired of hearing several dogs bark 24/7 ? It's likely that you're not alone and that the neighborhood dog cacophony has not gone unnoticed. Follow these simple steps and you'll so... Read More »

How to Deal With Barking Dogs?

If your dogs barks excessively, the problem may extend beyond the disruption or disturbance to you. You risk disturbing neighbors, who have the option of reporting you to the animal control authori... Read More »

How to Stop Dogs From Barking in the Car?

Dogs bark for a number of reasons, including barking because it wants attention. However, it is difficult to give a dog attention when driving a car, if only because you can't reach back to soothe ... Read More »

How to Complain About Dogs Barking?

It can be incredibly annoying to hear a neighbor's dog incessantly barking all day and night. It can also be difficult to know how to properly navigate the situation without offending your neighbor... Read More »