What is the meaning of the Gayatri mantra in Telugu?

Answer The Gayatri mantra is written in Sanskrit, the origin of all Indian languages. It comes from the Vedas (Hindu scriptures ) and is considered "Mother of the Vedas." Regardless of what Indian langua... Read More »

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How to Learn Hindi Through Telugu?

Hindi is the most widely spoken Indian language in India, according to the CIA World Factbook. Though a nation with many official languages, Hindi is the most understood language in India other tha... Read More »

Where can I get ETV, Gemini TV and other telugu TV channels in Australia?

Buy a Dish TV and ask service provider for package

What is mantra chanting?

Mantra chanting is used during relaxation or meditation by those who choose to be spiritual (usually used during yoga). There are different ways to use it, but it is typically used as a vocalizatio... Read More »

What Is a Mantra Chanter?

A mantra is simply a repeated word or phrase. However, in Hinduism, Buddhism and many modern spiritual practices, the word "mantra" has a more specific meaning. It is a word, phrase or sound that i... Read More »