What is the meaning of the French flag?

Answer The French flag, known as the "Tricolore," has flown over France for more than 200 years. Its design (three vertical stripes) has inspired a number of other national flags, which use different symb... Read More »

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What is the French flag known as?

According to Flagspot, the French flag is known as Le Drapeau Tricolore or simply Tricolore in France. This means either "the three-colored flag" or simply "the three colors." The name refers to th... Read More »

Who invented the French flag?

The invention of the French flag is attributed to the Marquis de Lafayette. Lafayette, a political leader and French general, created the flag in July 1789. The colors of the flag symbolized Paris ... Read More »

What is the French flag called?

Nicknamed the Tricolore, or Tricolor in English, the French flag consists of three equal-sized vertical stripes in blue, white and red. The origin of the colors dates to 1789, and the current desig... Read More »

Who created the French flag in 1789?

The Marquis de Lafayette is attributed with the creation of the 1789 French flag, called the tricolor, for its use of three colors: blue, white and red. It replaced the flag used before the French ... Read More »