What is the meaning of the Beatles song"Yellow Submarine"?

Answer The song "Yellow Submarine" is on the Beatles' album "Revolver" (1966). "Yellow Submarine" is also the title of an animated movie, produced in 1968, which was loosely based on the lyrics to several... Read More »

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Who designed the beatles yellow submarine posters?

The art director of the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" movie also designed the associated poster and album cover. Some sources incorrectly attribute the original artwork and animation to the American ... Read More »

Who directed the mythical beatles movie"The Yellow Submarine"?

"Yellow Submarine" was directed by George Dunning. Dunning was also a producer on "The Beatles" TV series from 1965 to 1969, and he worked as a director for over twenty years, with a large amount o... Read More »

What is the meaning of yellow submarine?

The Beatles released the song "Yellow Submarine" in August 1966. It became a hit single in the UK and U.S., spawned a feature animated film and endures as one of The Beatles' most memorable songs.A... Read More »

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