What is the meaning of subordinate legislation?

Answer Subordinate legislation is more commonly known as "delegated legislation" or "regulation" or "rule." Whatever the terms, they refer to law enacted by an agency or individual rather than a legislatu... Read More »

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What is a Marine Corps subordinate?

A subordinate in the Marine Corps is any member of the military who is of a lesser rank than another. I.e., a Corporal is subordinate to a Sergeant, a 1st Lieutenant to a Captain and so on.

What Are Examples of Subordinate Loans?

Many homeowners have more than one loan on their house, whether it's an equity line of credit or a second mortgage. Should the home ever be foreclosed upon and sold, the holder of the first mortgag... Read More »

What are the rank requirements for Rear Detachment Commander for a major subordinate command?

What is red flag legislation?

Red flag legislation originally came about to regulate the use of automobiles, which were a new development at the time of such laws. Today, the term red flag applies to legislation in other indust... Read More »