What is the meaning of short sighted?

Answer To be short-sighted, or nearsighted, means to have the vision disorder of myopia. People who are nearsighted can see objects clearly when they are close, but objects farther away appear blurry or ... Read More »

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Can you get contacts only if you are short sighted?

Wearing contacts is just like wearing glasses, except that you can't take them out easily when you want to take notes.If you're having trouble seeing close with your glasses on, please talk to your... Read More »

Why are people short sighted?

Short-sightedness (myopia) presents with blurry distance vision, but generally gives good near vision. In high myopia, even near vision is affected as objects must be extremely close to the eyes to... Read More »

Are there advantages of being short sighted?

There is one - you can actually read things closer to your face than normal sighted people. Particularly if you dont' have astigmatism on top this means you can do things like threading needles , t... Read More »

Short sighted people?

yes long and short sighted people can do both