What is the meaning of sentient beings?

Answer To arrive at an understanding of the term "sentient beings" you first need to separately understand each term "sentient" and "being." Because the words constitute abstractions or conceptual terms, ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the biology of human beings?

Human biology refers to the study of human beings at the cellular and molecular levels up to the evaluation of individual people and populations. It also includes introductions to the areas of huma... Read More »

What does the word"sentient"mean?

The word sentient means to have a sense perception or consciousness about a situation, person or thing. It is an adjective used to describe the experience of a sensation or feeling.Source:TheFreeDi... Read More »

Are elephants sentient?

Elephants appear to be sentient, or sensitive, creatures. They exhibit close bonds with the other elephants in their herd. They celebrate when one of their family returns after an absence, they rej... Read More »

What Is a Sentient Robot?

Sentient robots do not currently exist, but the general concept refers to a robot with such a high level of intelligence that it has achieved self awareness. Sentient robots are generally regarded ... Read More »