What is the meaning of the name"Ryan"?

Answer The name Ryan means "little king" in both Gaelic and English. It evolved from the surname Riain and became increasingly popular in the 20th century. Ryan is most commonly a boys name but it is also... Read More »

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Since Hannah Montana and Jake Ryan are dating again is Jake Ryan going to be in every episode until they break up?

I read on some spoilers that Jake asks Miley to marry him, after she learns that she is pregnant. It is part of pregnancy prevention day. Nickelodeon is doing something similar, with Nick News, the... Read More »

How to Look Like Olivia Ryan?

Olivia Ryan; the blonde half of the Twenty with those huge navy blue eyes, clear skin, and Alicia Rivera's personal sidekick. Have you ever looked past Massie, Skye and Alicia, and concentrated on ... Read More »

How to Be Like Debby Ryan?

I will teach you more about her style, personality, talent, attitude, makeup, hair,and more!Want to learn more about how to be like the fabulous actress, songwriter, and more, Debby Ryan? You have ... Read More »

Who is Ryan laserbeam?

He is a character on True Jackson V.P. on Nickelodeon played by Matt Shively. His character is very clumsy and stupid and believes that everyone is a spy. He also thinks that he right a lot even th... Read More »