What is the meaning of rasta colors?

Answer The colors red, gold and green are used to symbolize the Rastafarian religion. This religion, which has its roots in Jamaica, is known for the sacramental use of marijuana, the long dreadlocks worn... Read More »

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What do the rasta colors mean?

The colors red, yellow, black and green are used often in Rastafarian, or rasta, religion. The colors were taken from the Marcus Garvey movement, which promoted the idea of African-Americans return... Read More »

What is the meaning of eye colors?

Your blue-eyed friend might be the sweetest person alive, while your green-eyed friend might like a little bit of mischief. Eye color is a direct result of our parent's genetic makeup, but the mean... Read More »

What is the meaning of burgundy colors?

A burgundy is a red or white wine produced from grapes grown in an area of France known as Burgundy, or Bourgogne. Wine has been cultivated in Burgundy since "viticulture"---the growing of grapes f... Read More »

What is the meaning of flower colors?

Flower colors symbolize many different things, from love to grieving to happiness. The use of flower colors as symbols spans many different cultures. Many people send messages via flower bouquets.R... Read More »