What is the meaning of purity of substance?

Answer The term "purity of substance" is used in chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences to describe the molecular make-up of a liquid, solid or gas. Calculating the purity of a substance is vital for accur... Read More »

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How can we check the purity of a substance?

Three primary ways are used to check the purity of a substance: measuring the melting point of the substance, measuring the boiling point of the substance and using chromatography. Knowledge of the... Read More »

If prenatal exposure to a substance leads to birth defects the substance is called a?

what Is purity?

Purity is considered to be truth. Words that describe purity include real, genuine, authentic and unadulterated. Substances that have been purified have been returned to their original, natural sta... Read More »

What Is Water Purity?

Water is the combination of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom into each molecule. Pure drinking water is essential to life. Purified water can be made from a less-than-pure water source.