What is the meaning of pro forma?

Answer Pro forma in the general sense means as a formality only, such as holding an election when there is only one candidate. In the financial sense it is a projection showing anticipated costs and reven... Read More »

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What is the meaning of a pro forma invoice?

A buyer and a seller can arrange a pro forma invoice in order to confirm their understanding of a transaction that will take place in the future.UsesA pro forma invoice can be used for customs purp... Read More »

What Is a Pro-Forma Appraisal?

In Latin pro-forma means according to form or for form's sake. The term is used in business and project planning to estimate "what if" scenarios. It is often used to create an estimate of the value... Read More »

What is a pro forma agreement?

A pro forma agreement is an arrangement that is not binding, but helps carry out some future action by describing the intended actions of both sides. For example, a volunteer may sign a pro forma a... Read More »

What are pro forma reports?

The term pro forma comes from Latin meaning “as a matter of form.” A pro forma report may have hypothetical data or assumptions, such as including data from a recent acquisition in a financial ... Read More »