What is the meaning of preference shares?

Answer Companies issue two types of shares to represent ownership in the company: common shares and preferred shares. Preferred shares do not entail for its bearers voting rights in the company. Preferenc... Read More »

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Are Noncumulative Preference Shares Redeemable?

There are two basic types of stock a company can issue, common and preferred. Preferred stock is unique because it comes with guaranteed dividends and sometimes has other characteristics that commo... Read More »

Authorized Shares Vs. Issued Shares?

When forming a corporation, its charter must specify the maximum number of shares it is authorized to issue, although the company does not have to issue all the shares at once. It usually issues en... Read More »

What is military-spouse preference?

Due to the multiple moves required of active-duty military personnel, some spouses find it hard to find and maintain gainful employment. Public Law 99-145 was passed as part of the DoD Authorizatio... Read More »

What Ethnic food is your preference and why?

Chinese food because there are so many chinese restaurants where i live and takeouts - LOADS. At least 10 every 3sq km - roughly that. and each one tastes different and offers slightly different me... Read More »