What is the meaning of pearls?

Answer A pearl is created when an irritant---sand or grit---lodges in a bivalve mollusk, such as an oyster. Over time, the irritant is coated with layers of nacre---a pearly substance that turns the irrit... Read More »

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Are fresh water pearls less money than cultured pearls?

Cultured pearls are generally less expensive than most naturally occurring pearls, even though cultured pearls are often more uniformly shaped and more lustrous. Pearls can be cultured in both fres... Read More »

How to Buy Pearls?

so many different PearlsWhen you want to buy Pearls, you will find many different sizes, quality and colors. There are many things to take into consideration, aside from the price, so do not rush i... Read More »

What do pearls come from?

A parasite works its way into a mollusk's shell and the inner tissue, called the mantle. The mollusk reacts to this disturbance by covering it with a membrane. This pearl sac contains epithelial ce... Read More »

How are pearls cultivated?

Pearls form naturally within a mollusk's shell when an irritant, such as a grain of sand, becomes lodged inside. This irritant causes the secretion of nacre, a shiny substance, around the irritant,... Read More »