What is the meaning of oyster crackers?

Answer The oyster cracker is a small, round or octagon-shaped crisp consumed with soups and stews as well as seafood and salads. Invented by Adam Exton in Trenton, New Jersey in 1847, the oyster cracker w... Read More »

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Who invented oyster crackers?

Adam Exton invented oyster crackers in 1847. These crackers were initially eaten alongside oyster stew. Exton's bakery provided the Union Army with oyster crackers as part of their food supply duri... Read More »

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Oyster card related; If I buy the Weekly zones 1-3 travelcard on an Oyster, ...?

Yes.Weeklies are less of a bargain then Monthlies but obviously cost less at the time and there is no point paying for holidays etc. Since a travelcard includes all travel in the relevant zones and... Read More »

Why are "Cheez-It" Snack crackers any more fattening than regular salted crackers?

If both contain bleached or enriched flour along with vegetable oil (hydrogenated or not), it does not matter; they are equally bad. If you are really worried about this, it's best to avoid all pro... Read More »