What is the meaning of obd codes?

Answer OBD is an acronym for "On Board Diagnostics." As of 2010, OBD II (also known as OBD 2) is the standard set of diagnostic codes used by American-made automobile manufacturers. Some automakers use th... Read More »

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How to Enter Final Fantasy X Cheat Codes on Game Shark Codes?

The Game Shark is a disc that allows players to enter codes to modify gameplay on PlayStation 2 games. It can be used to cheat at “Final Fantasy X” by giving the player money, weapons, high sta... Read More »

What are the codes for Vizio universal remote control for Lg blu-ray player codes?

Most 3D televisions are comfortable to view. While early models sometimes had heavy glasses and some flickering, most on sale today have very lightweight glasses and are looking very realistic. The... Read More »

What are the codes for a Phillips universal remote codes clo34?

The biggest remote controlled car size depends on what kind you want but they are almost the same as normal cars except they are not controlled from inside. It is easy to put a remote controlled ma... Read More »

What are the codes for a Phillips Universal Remote Codes CLO15?

They go for an average range of $10-$20 on eBay, esp. if it sill has the plastic battery cover and no scratches on the screen.