What is the meaning of nominal value?

Answer Nominal value is another term for par value, which is defined as the value printed or originally given to a financial instrument, such as currency, stock or bonds. Market prices are often different... Read More »

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What is a nominal value?

In investing, nominal value refers to the fixed value of a security, such as stocks and bonds, according to Investopedia. On the other hand, market values vary all the time. For tangible goods, nom... Read More »

What Is Real GDP & Nominal GDP?

GDP, which stands for gross domestic product, is one of the most-used and important statistics in determining the strength or weakness of a national economy. It is calculated by adding the value of... Read More »

What is nominal interest?

In economics, a nominal interest rate is a rate not adjusted for inflation. The term nominal interest rate may also refer to a stated interest rate that does not take account of the impact of compo... Read More »

What Are Nominal Damages?

In tort law, there are various forms of damages that can be awarded to the plaintiff depending on the specific facts of the case and the jurisdiction in which the case is made. Among the types of d... Read More »