What is the meaning of music notes?

Answer Depending on how they are written, music notes may possess various meanings. Music notes are written, or notated, to demonstrate various rhythms, melodies and tones that ultimately convey emotion t... Read More »

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What is the distance between two music notes?

The space between two notes is called an interval. The smallest interval in Western music is the half step. On a piano, the half step is moving from one note to the next available note, whether bla... Read More »

What do the x's mean in place of notes for saxophone music?

The Xs are a pretty uncommon way of writing in ghosted notes. These are notes that are typically fingered but don't come out really well. I was told in college that if you don't just kind of muff... Read More »

What is the greatest number of notes possible in one bar of music in 4/4 time?

The five most commonly used notes in 4/4 time signature are the whole note, the half note, the quarter note, the eighth note and the sixteenth note. Beyond that is the 32nd note, the 64th note, the... Read More »

Who invented music notes?

Western music note notation has evolved over many centuries. No one knows exactly who invented it, but the earliest forms are traced to 9th century European monasteries with modern staff notation a... Read More »