What is the meaning of mood ring?

Answer Mood rings are a fun way to learn about your feelings and mood. They work by registering a color that supposedly represents your emotional state.Color MeaningsMood ring color charts vary slightly i... Read More »

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Who invented the first mood ring?

The mood ring was first invented by Joshua Reynolds, an heir to the R.J. Reynolds fortune. Joshua Reynolds, a New Yorker with a background in marketing, earned a degree in psychology from Colgate U... Read More »

What does pink mean on a mood ring?

According to the website HealthyNewAge, the color pink on a mood ring can mean fear. When the mood ring's color pink is accompanied by spiritual heart acceleration, pink can also mean the spiritual... Read More »

How to Read a Mood Ring?

Mood rings are a fun way for you and your friends to tell your mood.

How to Make Your Mood Ring Black?

The 1970's mood ring rage continues to be part of pop culture and a source for retro fashion statements. The ring's allure is that its bulbous shell changes color based on the wearer's mood. A colo... Read More »