What is the meaning of moderate depression?

Answer According, depressive disorders affect about 18.8 million adult Americans. While some of these cases involve severe depression, most diagnosed cases of depression are moderate. Mo... Read More »

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Heart disease depression of the what is it or the meaning of?

By the fed-it's a branch of the military, although sometimes we forget.

What is the low to moderate income level?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2008, households considered low income earn between $0 and $20,712. The range between low income and the lower range of median income is $20,713 to $39,00... Read More »

What is the centigrade equivalent to a moderate oven heat?

Answer I am assuming you mean an enclosed heater. Oil stay hot longer & does not rust.

What is the difference between moderate&high resolution?

A digital image is comprised of millions of dots of color, which are called pixels. Resolution is an indication of the number of pixels in an image and is measured in pixels per inch (or "ppi"). Wh... Read More »