What is the meaning of military stars on homes?

Answer Military stars on banners, generally hung in windows or on doors, indicate that military members who are currently deployed are related to individuals in the house. The banner is referred to as the... Read More »

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What is the meaning of a big star on the outside of homes in southern Ohio?

nothing, we have them here in Vancouver Washington too. I've heard that it is an old German tradition that has been revived as much for decorative reasons as for the original intent which was to b... Read More »

What are US military stars?

US Military Stars, are insignias:1. From WWII up until the Vietnam War, US "Stars" were WHITE in color, and painted on practically everything: Tanks, trucks, jeeps, artillery pieces, ships, riverin... Read More »

What Do the the Stars on the Military Flags Mean?

Stars of various colors are displayed on flags by the families of those serving in the military, with the stars denoting different things depending on the color of the star. The official design of ... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of the 13 Stars on the Confederate Flag?

For some, the Confederate flag inspires pride and patriotism. For others, the Confederate flag is a symbol of discriminatory acts against minorities and can be viewed as a racist symbol. The most p... Read More »