What is the meaning of lizards?

Answer Lizards have been culturally significant for thousands of years both as pets and as mythological constructs. The history of the word "lizard" also has a long history.Etymology of LizardAccording to... Read More »

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What do blue tail lizards eat?

Blue tail lizards eat insects, spiders and earthworms, according to the Idaho Museum of Natural History. The blue tail lizard is formally known as the Western Skink and got its "blue tail" nickname... Read More »

What do northern alligator lizards eat?

Northern alligator lizards (Elgaria coerulea) are insectivores that live along the west coast of North America. Like all alligator lizards, they eat mostly insects, spiders, snails and similar sort... Read More »

What do blue bellied lizards eat?

Blue-bellied lizards, formally known as western fence lizards, feed on insects, small spiders and other arthropods. According to the San Diego Natural History Museum, the reptiles are known as "blu... Read More »

What do baby blue bellied lizards eat?

The baby western fence lizard, more commonly called the blue bellied lizard, feeds on insects and arthropods, including caterpillars, ants, flies, crickets and beetles. The old tree trunks they cho... Read More »