What is the meaning of liquidated damage as an insurance term?

Answer Liquidated damages refers to an amount of money designated and agreed to in advance for damages, before any loss takes place, so that the actual damages need not be calculated.

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What Is the Meaning of Liquidated Damages?

In contract law, the parties to a contract may agree upon an amount of "liquidated damages" one party must pay the other if it fails to uphold a certain obligation under the contract. Liquidated d... Read More »

Can your employer cancel your health insurance when you are on short term or long term disability because you did not make a payment on your insurance like is normally done through your paycheck?

Your employer's obligation to pay premiums normally stops when your paycheck does, that is, when your medical and personal leave is exhausted, and there is nothing left to deduct the premiums with.... Read More »

What if someone else drove your car caused damage only to your car can you ask him to claim the damage on his insurance?

Answer The car's insurance would kick in first because YOU gave them permission. Their insurance would pay for whatever is left over.

Which damage is not covered by property damage liability insurance?

Property damage liability insurance will cover damage that you cause to other person's property, including their automobile. Property damage liability insurance will not reimburse you for damage th... Read More »