What is the meaning of lady justice?

Answer According to the Marion Gould Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington there have been many representations of Lady Justice dating back through time, with a version portrayed by the Eg... Read More »

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What does Lady Justice symbolize?

Lady Justice carries a sword that represents truth and justice. She dons a blindfold to show that she cannot be influenced or corrupted by prejudice. Her scales show how her justice is impartial. O... Read More »

What does Lady Justice represent?

The statue of Lady Justice represents the concept that justice must be impartial, without regard to influences like power, wealth or identity. The figure stands wearing a blindfold and holding a se... Read More »

What is the origin of the justice lady with scales?

The image of a woman holding scales, wearing a blindfold and wielding a sword is a common sight gracing courthouses. These symbols represent virtues considered central to the fundamentals of modern... Read More »

What does the blindfold on lady justice symbolize?

Lady Justice is thought to have her origins in the Greek goddess Themis. Often depicted blindfolded, she symbolizes "blind" justice, or equal doling out of the law---without prejudice, favor, fear ... Read More »